Your Gift: IXCreative Spark Session

Hi Go-Getter! Want can make your 2018 better? To take on this challenge to hit new goals in 2018?

Why don’t we figure it out with a Free Creative Spark Power session?

I am a Certified Life, Business & Law of Attraction coach that has helped hundreds and hundreds of clients and connections in understanding who they are and what power moves to make next in their lives. That’s probably all I do all day long! Now it’s your turn.

My free 30-minute coaching sessions are a time for us to..

  1. Discuss one area of your life that needs a MAJOR impact in 2018
  2. Figure out 3-5 KEY STRATEGIES you can take immediately over the next week to hit your goals
  3. Motivate & fire you up to go after your life goals and become more prosperous NOW

Select any day/time to make your booking, please note we will confirm your booking.

If you like your session with me, we can plan other ones to maximize the life-changing strategies I give you.

Let’s make things happen!

-Emily Correa, Innova X